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Coaching is about connection – between me and you, and just as importantly, between you and the part of yourself that wants something different. 


Career Transition Coaching

You are:

  – Doing well in your current role but feeling stagnant

  – Earning enough to make it hard to think about doing anything differently

  – Feeling stuck in a career which feels ‘off’

  – Watching other career changers thinking ‘how on earth did they do that…’

This highly structured, 12 session coaching programme will take you out of the thinking and in to the doing.  Sessions include deep discovery, targeted research and committed action planning – empowering you to reconnect to your purposeful self.

LIFE Coaching

On paper you’ve got it all – job, family, home – but something isn’t right:

  – You’ve lost your mojo – your spark – and life feels flat

  – You feel overwhelmed by choice but unable to commit to anything

  – You’re not even sure what you want anymore

  – You know that you’re getting in your own way

Whether you’ve lost your sense of yourself, or are holding yourself back from pursuing what you really want in life, regular coaching with me will get you back on track.


Sophie, Coach

“Helen has been invaluable in helping me to get clear about what my next steps are in starting up my own coaching practice and motivated into putting that into action.”


Leadership Coaching

I specialize in coaching ambitious emerging leaders, and have extensive experience coaching in fast-paced start-ups.   Leadership coaching is for you if… 

  – You’re progressing quickly in your chosen career

  – You want more of something, but you’re not sure what that is yet

  – You want challenging, objective support to get you to the next step of reaching your potential 

– You’re overwhelmed by the day to day and have lost sight of what’s next

– You’re managing a growing team and want to support their own professional development

Executive & Open Access Coaching

Mental ill-health accounts for more than 12.7% of missed days from work (ONS, Sickness Absence on the Labour Market, February 2014).  Coaching with me creates a space for your team to reflect on issues affecting them both in and out of the workspace, and increases productivity and job satisfaction by…

  – Increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  – Improving resilience for working through challenges

  – Empowering individuals to connect to their unique sense of purpose and direction

If you’re looking to move from transactional management to transformational leadership, get in touch.


My workshops are co-created to target specific areas of need, and use coaching methods to empower groups to shift perspective and find new ways of working together.  When combined with follow-up coaching sessions, they provide targeted support for specific areas.  Contact me directly to discuss how this can work for your organisation.

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