Coaching supported me to stop and reflect and look at my life as a whole. It allowed me to focus on certain areas of my life where my approach was blocking me from allowing change… While each session was very different (depending on where I was personally) it was much more moving than I had anticipated. For me, Helen held up a mirror to help me see things about myself in a different way and helped me remember what is important to me.

EW, Project Manager and Researcher

Coaching helped me to feel that I have really thought through all the ideas that I have had about a possible next move in my career. I can say now that I really weighed up all the different ideas that I had and by working out what kind of person I am and where I want to get to, I know what i want to do next. It has also helped me to know that the doubting voice in my head telling me that I can’t do things is something normal and something that does not have to be debilitating. I can have strategies for moving past my doubting voice and know that I can move past it.

RP, Former BBC radio producer and trainee teacher

As my coach and mentor during and on completion of my own coach training Helen brought clarity, sound advice and helped me to identify some limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Working with me Helen’s intuitive and dynamic approach helped me to get focused particularly in preparation for a job interview and gave me tools I continue to use to keep my negative chatter at bay. Helen has been invaluable in helping me to get clear about what my next steps are in starting up my own coaching practice and motivated into putting that into action.

SC, Coach.  

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