Just do it...

How many fantastic ideas have you scribbled on the back of envelopes, added to your notes in your phone or discussed enthusiastically over dinner with friends and family?  And how many have you actually followed through?  Oh.  Yes.  That second part isn’t quite such fun to answer.

There may be 100 reasons why you haven’t taken that first step into action (and our inner critics are experts at rationalizing, making excuses, keeping us safe…anything to stop us actually taking the plunge).  But ultimately the only thing that is stopping you from taking action is you. 

Mel Robbins has a theory around this (and an excellent YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI2VQ-ZsNr0) called The 5 Second Rule.  Her notion is that whenever an idea pops into your head you need to act on it within 5 Seconds.  5 Seconds!  That’s the antithesis of what we were told at school – prepare well, think carefully, take measured steps to ensure success.  But it’s surprisingly liberating to let this habit of over-preparing go.  Acting on impulse and listening to our gut instincts really do work as a means of moving us out of our heads and in to action.  It’s simple but it’s not easy.  Mel recommends counting down from 5 as soon as you have an idea, committing it to paper, a phone call or sharing it with someone else and then…crucially…acting on it.  That means acting on it even if the idea is not perfect or fully formed.  What matters here is taking action, in some form, immediately.

It’s uncomfortable and can be messy, and it brings up fear.  It’s helpful to get curious about any resistance. Digging deeper, what actually are we afraid of?  Failure?  Putting something out there that isn’t perfect and fully formed?  Or is it simply what other people might think of us..? 

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