Why collaboration counts

There is a myth that in business there is a limited amount of resource, that in order to succeed you have to compete, conflict and win.  It’s the outdated model of the past which has been so engrained in the way we work for such a long time.

But there’s a different way of working emerging, which comes from a place of abundance, not scarcity.  It’s about collaborating and networking, sharing resources and ideas, and creating mutually beneficial relationships. 

For those working for large organisations, collaboration is about creating relationships which extend beyond your day to day working exchanges.  It’s about sharing your successes with those who may not otherwise be aware of them. It’s getting curious about other departments. It’s actively seeking opportunities to expand your network and create different working opportunities within your organisation.

Self-employed?  Collaborative work provides opportunities for constructive feedback, a space to bounce new ideas around and the chance to exchange skills and knowledge. 

Start-up?  Collaborate from the get-go.  Use your network as a launch pad for your new business.  Ask for help and feedback.  Collaboration fuels innovation, so get creative about opportunities to grow your business alongside someone else. 

Once you start looking, opportunities for collaboration are everywhere.  Social media is a great starting point, and many successful influencers have grown their online presence through carefully selected collaborations.  Remember, these are mutually beneficial relationships, so don’t be shy! See what’s out there and if you can’t find what you’re looking for then get pro-active in approaching others, and start moving in the direction you want to go.


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