How to celebrate success

2017 is drawing to a close.  We’re all great at looking ahead to the future, setting resolutions and goals, but this festive period how about taking some time to celebrate the last 12 months.  Practicing gratitude and acknowledging and sharing successes are key indicators of emotional well-being as well as career success.

On a piece of paper, start noting achievements, experiences, relationships and moments which you are proud of.  It could be a lovely lunch you arranged for a parent, a powerful presentation at work, starting a new hobby, working through a challenging patch in a close relationship, surviving grief. Notice any negative voices making judgments about these and put them to one side.  Allowing ourselves to stay with positive emotions can be much more of a challenge than reverting to the more familiar negative or critical voices. Spend some time really taking yourself back to that positive experience.  How did it feel to be there?  Who were you being in that moment?  What impact were you having?

And a challenge – how about sharing a success with those closest to you?  Our best tribe actually want to see us moving forward and growing through new experiences and challenges.  It is a gift to them to see you doing so. 

Coaching creates a safe space to acknowledge and celebrate your successes.  For a free sample session to get 2018 off to a flying start, go to for more info.