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ROsie, Producer & trainee teacher

“Coaching helped me to feel that I have really thought through all the ideas that I have had about a possible next move in my career.”


How to Be a Beginner

When was the last time you were a fully-fledged, 100% beginner at something?  If you’ve been ‘adulting’ for a while then there’s a good chance that it’s a pretty long time.  January is the month of new beginnings, and many of you will have committed to trying something new this year.

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Back to It – Maintaining Momentum

It’s mid-September! There’s a nip in the air in the morning, our apple tree is laden with rusty fruit and and there’s a sense of order and momentum.  So how does that feel?  Has September been a welcome return to routine, or does it bring a sense of dread at the thought of being back at work?

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Why Change Matters

What’s your relationship with change?  Do you love the thrill of the new, the challenge of doing things differently?  Or are you wedded to the familiar; the comfort of doing things the way you know works best?

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