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I coach purposeful people.  Whether you’re an emerging leader, or at a career cross roads, coaching with me will help you get clear about your priorities and act on them with confidence and commitment.

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EMMA, Project manager

“For me, Helen held up a mirror to help me see things about myself in a different way and helped me remember what is important too”


Wiggly careers – how I got here

I wore a few different hats before I started coaching. I spent a decade working in busy London primary schools, initially as a teacher and then as a SENCo and leader.  A big part of this work was about finding potential. 

Emotional agility for changing times

Living with uncertainty is a theme that comes up again and again in coaching sessions, both from an individual perspective and within a wider social context.  The current political climate has shaken us out of a comfortable place of complacency and into a turbulent...

Who do you think you are?

This week’s blog post is part of some bigger rumblings around identity which have been bubbling away for a while. What does my work say about me? Who actually am I? Social media exacerbates these questions, and our ability to take the person we see on screen at face value is often at odds with the judgments we make about ourselves.